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Young Living Holistic + ClearShare


Enjoy comprehensive health coverage with our innovative plans, merging holistic and conventional wellness. 

Access free telemedicine, virtual mental healthcare, and affordable services like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Receive up to $75 monthly reimbursement for supplements and essential oils.

Young Living Holistic


Opt for our holistic plans ideal for supplementing existing health coverage. 

Access free telemedicine, virtual mental healthcare, and affordable services like acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Receive up to $75 monthly reimbursement for supplements and essential oils.

ClearShare from Clearwater


Minimize financial risk from accidents or major illnesses with our medical cost-sharing health plans. 

Access free telemedicine and virtual mental healthcare for year-round support.

Enjoy peace of mind with plans designed to keep costs low for generally healthy individuals under the age of 65.

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Being a part of the Young Living community means

embracing something larger than oneself.

That’s why we partnered with Clearwater to empower our members to proactively manage their health, save up to $8,000 annually on healthcare, and spread the word to help others do the same. 

Love from Our Community

Check out what our members have to say.

I am so excited for the new Young Living Holistic + ClearShare plan. I am currently using ClearShare and it has saved my family a ton of money.

I love knowing that we are protected in case of anything catastrophic. But, I am even more excited for the new Young Living plan to be able to get a rebate on Young Living products, and pay a minimal set cost for my chiropractor, functional doctors, thermography, IV drips and acupuncturist!!!

Finally a health plan that fits our needs!!

Ally Raskin
Ally Raskin
Young Living Clearwater Member

Our family was with a different healthshare program for years. We thankfully rarely ever needed it. But it didn’t cover the holistic services we typically used so we were still paying a lot of money out of pocket.

I’m so glad that we have Young Living’s Holistic + ClearShare plan now!

Shellie Garrett
Shellie Garrett
Young Living Clearwater Member

Our family is saving over $20,000 with this plan! We never used our PPO insurance because we rarely went to traditional doctors.

Young Living Holistic + ClearShare is the perfect plan for us because it allows us to get coverage for the holistic practitioners we actually see that we used to pay a lot of money out of pocket for.

Carol Yeh-Garner
Carol Yeh-Garner
Young Living Clearwater Member

I’ve been paying $800 a month for a health plan that I rarely use. My deductible is $10,000! I’m going to save SO much money with this Holistic + Clearshare plan.

I’ll get to see the holistic practitioners I typically see and won’t have to pay so much out of pocket. I’ll still have the backup of traditional health options if I need them. 

Yvonne Gee
Yvonne Gee
Young Living Clearwater Member

Submitted a $195 need for X-rays and a chiropractor visit. Got direct deposit reimbursed $160 in 72 hours!! Truly amazed. This is such a great plan for my family.

Side note: even better, they only gave me $100 of it the first round because they didn't include the X-rays. I emailed back and asked, and a few days later got an explanation, an apology, and the rest.

Truly great customer service on top of it all.

Kelly Cone
Young Living Clearwater Member

Something for Everyone

  • Young Living Holistic + ClearShare

  • Young Living Holistic

  • Major Medical

Young Living Holistic + ClearShare

Embark on a path to wellness

Experience a harmonious blend of conventional and holistic approaches with our health share plans. Enjoy extensive coverage for major and minor events, plus prescription coverage, while also embracing holistic wellness benefits. 

Our exclusive offerings include Young Living supplements and essential oils, along with coverage for preventive measures such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and complimentary virtual mental health support, providing a comprehensive and balanced approach to your well-being.


  • Young Living essential oil and supplements are reimbursed monthly up to $75 for families or $50 for individuals
  • Free 24/7 telemedicine
  • Virtual mental healthcare
  • $20 for functional wellness visits
  • $35 chiropractor visits
  • $35 acupuncture visits
  • No provider or facility restrictions for major procedures
  • No annual or lifetime sharing limits
  • Care Coordination for provider recommendations on major healthcare expenses, plus zero out-of-pocket costs when you see our recommended providers
  • And more

Young Living Holistic

Holistic plans for the holistic-minded

These stand-alone holistic plans give you affordable access to your everyday practitioners for acupuncture, chiropractic, functional medicine and more, in addition to access to our very own essential oils and supplements. It’s ideal for those who do not need conventional health coverage.

Young Living Holistic plans include cost-saving benefits like:

  • $20 for functional wellness visits
  • $35 for chiropractor visits
  • $35 for acupuncture visits
  • Free 24/7 telemedicine
  • Virtual mental healthcare
  • Young Living essential oil and supplements reimbursed monthly up to $75 for families or $50 for individuals
  • And More

Major Medical

High-quality major medical insurance plans to fit any budget.

  • Insurance plans that give you control of your out-of-pocket costs. Select from a range of deductible options and enjoy opportunities for $0 care!

    Choose from several plans, including ones perfect for families looking to make the most out of their healthcare or others looking to save on income tax and minimize healthcare spending with a Health Savings Account.

    Our major medical plans also include cost-saving benefits like:

    • 24-7 telemedicine with a $0 copay
    • Virtual mental health coverage
    • $0 generic prescriptions
    • 100% coverage for preventive services
    • Care Coordination to help you find higher quality care at lower costs for many services.

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Our Young Living Health Plans feature bundled and standalone offerings with holistic-focused options.

When you choose an offering that has a holistic plan, you’ll gain access to reimbursements on our very own supplements and essential oils, as well as access to other preventive wellness measures such as acupuncture, chiropractic, IV drips, and even free telehealth and virtual mental health coverage.

Better care. Better savings.


Average annual savings


Essential oil reimbursement


Out-of-pocket savings

*Estimate is based on an average of annual data and will not apply to every individual customer.

**$50 for individuals | $75 for families

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